Michael Simon is an angling artist who has been painting beautiful fishes and their equally beautiful surroundings for over 50 years. Visit our Profile page for more information on Michael's career.

Michael's art has graced the covers and pages of many books and magazines, the walls of museums and galleries, and even license plates! Visit our Published Works and Exhibitions & Projects pages for representations of these works.
Much of Michael's art is available for purchase at this site, both originals (Recent Works) and reprints (Lithographs, Small Edition Prints).

Michael is also engaged in the sale of Classic Tackle and Tribal Rugs.

Please take a few moments to peruse this site and learn more about Michael and his incredible art.

Please feel free to contact Michael with any comments, requests or questions.

Thank you
to all who visited Michael's art show,
at the
Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen

in April of 2015.

Please visit the Recent Works page for more pictures from this event.
Visit our Recent Works page for a full listing of Michael's latest creations!

James Cummins Bookseller
Catalogue 118:
Angling, Shooting & Field Sports

Lincoln Hills Fishes